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17 Jul 2013 21:16

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The follwing points are known as missing features and will be implemented in future releases of cd2browse:

Please drop me a note If you have a proposal - see Impressum
Alternatively issue a FAQ

Already covered in Version 1.05: 

  • creating logs of the install process, for easier fault finding.

Already covered in Version 1.03:

  • Support for the latest ActivePerl Version
  • Support for mp3 files.

Already covered in Version 1.01:

  • Full support (like in Apache) of the "IndexIgnore" function in .htaccess - currently cd2browse just looks for a line beginning with IndexIgnore and if it is found, no images will be indexed.
  • Full translation to english - some error messages are still in german.
  • Option to skip the extraction of pdf titles - this is necessary, if the pdf files have no valuable title tag.